Create A Living Legacy - For Every Tree A Memory

We have created a lasting Tree Dedication Marker to commemorate Life events! People use our Personalized Tree Plaques to mark a special occasion in their lives, such as a birth, wedding or to memorialize a Loved one with your custom engraved message. Our patented tension springs "hug the tree" and it's the best way to Tag the Tree because it is safe and gentle to the Tree and takes seconds to install. Our Custom Engraved Tree Markers Create a Lasting Legacy. Finally there is an easy way to Memorialize, Celebrate, Recognize and Dedicate Trees for People, Places & Pets!

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Tree Tags = Living Legacy

Tree Tags = Living Legacy

Telling a story about the love of your life, inspires others to love openly too! Put your Love Story on your Tree Tag for the world to see.  We have the best stories to tell, keep em coming!  With tree hugs of love, Ann

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