A TREE-mendous Happy Birthday! Van Morrison is 68, Redwood is 1,500+!

Happy birthday to Van Morrison who is celebrating 68 today. We offer a TREE-mendous happy birthday to Mr. Morrison because he honored one of A Family Tree's favorites some time ago with a beautiful song titled Redwood Tree. If you've not had the opportunity to see this giant in person (we are referring to the tree, Mr. Morrsion is only 5'5") you should put it on your bucket list. They are breathtaking! The tallest of trees, a Redwood can grow beyond 300 feet in height and if you need help picturing that, it's 54 ½ Van Morrison's stacked on top of each other. That's a lotta Moondance!

Height aside, let's not forget old. And no, we're not referring to Mr. Morrison turning 68. Redwoods can live beyond 1,500 years. If Mr. Morrison lives to be 100 as does his progeny, his progeny's progeny and so on, we've got at least 15 generations of irreverent, introverted Irishmen to see one Redwood from birth to maturity.  

Stack these imagined 15 generations of Morrision's from foot to head and you're still only at 82 ½ feet.  

If you are not familiar with Redwood Tree, take a listen.  It's on the AFT (A Family Tree) playlist.  






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