Springs Are Wonderful Things!

We love Tree Huggers for many reasons but a biggie is it’s eco-friendly way to share with the world a special person or time in our lives. It’s a way to honor the amazing mom, an angel in heaven looking over her children or the 4th grade teacher who ignited a love of history or the birch tree your husband planted in the yard of your family home. But what makes it possible for these tributes to stay with a tree for a lifetime? Why, springs, of course! Springs ARE wonderful things!

The spring is what “hugs” the tree. Our springs have been designed and manufactured specifically for the Tree Hugger®. Wound to a precise tension and wrapped in a high-grade plastic, the spring allows the Tree Hugger® to gently grow with the tree. It also makes installation a cinch!

There are 2 spring size choices when you order your Tree Hugger®. A 6” spring size for young trees 3” to 23” in diameter. The alternative is a 24” spring size for mature trees with a diameter of 24” to 60” in size.

Dedicate a new or existing tree with a Tree Hugger® today!

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