WindChime-Medium size (Best Seller!) FREE SHIPPING Music driven by the wind!

A FAMILY TREE - WindChimes

$ 99.00

• Price includes complete order: $99.00
• Measures 39” from top of ring to bottom or wind sail, it’s perfect for every deck in America!
• Precious WindChime is handcrafted in the USA.
• 6 silver hand tuned tubes create patterns of music, driven by the wind!
• Our Western Red Cedar top and wind sail was chosen to withstand outdoor elements.
• Calming & soothing tones brings comfort and lovely melodies to your home!
• Available in bronze or silver
• We will engrave 4 lines - up to 20 characters per line and include a symbol.
• If you need help in creating custom message, call me! 248.935.5464

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